Breeding Stock

Maternal Worth: Our customized index for grass based genetic performance.

We focus on maternal breeding stock.   Accordingly, we have developed our own customized Genovis index, Maternal Worth.   The selection criteria reflects the realities of an annual grass-based production system.  Growing lambs on grass requires excellent mothering ability and milk production along with growthy lambs that thrive on forage.  We weigh all lambs at 50-60 days of age and again at 85-100 days of age when the lambs are weaned.  Ewes and lambs receive no supplement on pastures during the entire lactation.  Rotational grazing management keeps highly digestible nutrients on offer at all times.  Lambs are not drenched until 100 day weights are recorded to place further selection pressure on favorable grass-based genetics.  Choose Quality Sheep for optimum maternal breeding stock performance.

Quality Sheep Breeding Stock Testimonials

“We are pleased with our Quality Sheep ewes.  We use CIDRs and from 100 ewes we sold to market 251 lambs.  We purchased another 100 ewe lambs this past year.”

Christian Bowman, Indoor intensively managed flock
Christian BowmanIndoor Intensively Managed Flock

We have used three rams from Quality Sheep, they were in good condition and we have had several successful breeding seasons with them.

Jaron & Davida Wood  Indoor intensively managed flock
Jaron & Davida WoodIndoor Intensively Managed Flock

“...we had 100% conception rate on our healthy ewes... The lambs had accelerated growth rates in comparison to our previous years and went to market 3 weeks earlier than expected."

Lisa Condon  Lambs Raised on Pasture
Lisa & David CondonLambs Raised on Grass

Quality Sheep is located in the rolling hills of Bonshaw, PEI.