Producing Vibrant Lambs on Grass and in Confinement Systems

  • Excellent Mothering Ability
  • Ewes Produce Lots of Milk
  • Myomax Muscling Gene
  • Fast Growing Lambs
  • Optimum Fertility
  • High Health
  • Longevity
  • Scrapie Genotyped

Four years from now his daughters will still be producing in your flock.

Since we carefully select Quality Sheep breeding stock ewes and rams to perform well for commercial lamb growers, you can have confidence in ownership.  The flock is managed under an annual spring grass lambing system.  With this in mind, excellent mothering ewes is a must.  In addition to milking well, ewes have just the right number of lambs born and their lambs grow quickly on grass.  Furthermore, selecting replacements for the best forage performance means the lactating ewes and their lambs receive no supplementation during the entire 100 day lactation period.  To summarize, our composite ewes and rams are bred to convert forage into lambs for profit.

Quality Sheep are genetically selected to grow quickly on forage

without expensive supplementation!

Quality Sheep Breeding Stock

ram lamb grazing

Firstly, rams are genotyped for Myostatin Muscling (MyoMax), Maedi-Visna Resistance (TMEM154) and Scrapie Resistance.  In the long run, breeding these genetics into your flock will be rewarding.

sheep breeding stock
High Health

Secondly, the sheep flock is free from performance hindering, contagious diseases such as Maedi-Visna, Caseous Lymphadenitis and infectious foot rot.

ram lambs grazing sorghum

Evidently, raising rams on grass without fancy feed ingredients or de-wormers ensures we select for the best forage performing genetics.

sheep breeding stock
Tough & Hardy

This flock is not pampered, not to mention the flock is wintered outside in Atlantic Canada.  Although some sheep fade away on pastures, Quality Sheep maintain decent body condition.  So if you desire minimum capital tied up in housing then consider this breeding stock.


“We are pleased with our Quality Sheep ewes.  We use CIDRs and from 100 ewes we sold to market 251 lambs.  We purchased another 100 ewe lambs this past year.”

Christian Bowman, Indoor intensively managed flock
Christian BowmanIndoor Intensively Managed Flock

We have used three rams from Quality Sheep, they were in good condition and we have had several successful breeding seasons with them.

Jaron & Davida Wood  Indoor intensively managed flock
Jaron & Davida WoodIndoor Intensively Managed Flock

“...we had 100% conception rate on our healthy ewes... The lambs had accelerated growth rates in comparison to our previous years and went to market 3 weeks earlier than expected."

Lisa Condon  Lambs Raised on Pasture
Lisa & David CondonLambs Raised on Grass

Know what’s in the genes before the rams go in!

Quality Sheep rams are genomically tested for Myostatin Muscling (MyoMax), Scrapie Resistance and Maedi-Visna Resistance genes.  Wouldn’t you rather know what you are getting instead of purchasing rams and hoping for the best?  In the long term, rely upon structurally sound, genomic-tested, high health Quality Sheep rams to sire excellent daughters.   Invest in the future of your flock today with Quality Sheep breeding stock.

ram lamb grazing
$365/ head

  • Sired by genomically tested rams
  • High Health Status
  • Ready for pickup October – November
  • A non-refundable 10% deposit is required to hold all ewe lamb orders

$595/ head

  • Sired by genomically tested rams
  • High Health Status
  • Ready for pickup October – November
  • A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to hold Improver Ram Lamb orders

$895/ head

  • Sired by genomically tested rams
  • High Maternal Worth Index
  • Myostatin Muscling Gene
  • Scrapie Resistant (Minimum one ‘R’ copy)
  • High Health Status
  • Ready for pickup October – November
  • A non-refundable $200 deposit is required to hold Elite Ram Lamb orders

Quality Sheep Ram Calculator

For further info on Growing Great Lambs on Pasture check out this pdf.

sheep breeding stock


Quality Sheep is located in the rolling hills of Bonshaw, PEI.